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For centuries, history forgot Thonis-Heraklion and Canopus, with its crowded warehouses of wonders. The ruins of both cities dormitaron submerged in Abukir Bay, about 30 kilometers northeast of the wilted Alexandria. Since the VIII century A.d. a thick layer of sand and sediment was covering their treasures to delete them from the memory.

A fateful sequence of natural disasters - including an earthquake and tsunamis several - condemned them to bite the dust of the seafloor. Its finding under the waters of the Mediterranean for more than 15 years was one of the most formidable events of recent Egyptology. Franck Goddio, the French archaeologist who signed the rescue, still fresh snapshots of that day of the year 2000 in which the temples and Thonis-Heraklion port recovered the breath. «» I remember very well the day of the discovery of the naos [sacred sanctuary] of the Temple of Amon-Gereb. Their inscriptions helped quickly to identify the place», confesses to the world Goddio on the occasion of a great exhibition recently opened in Paris which gathers the most precious objects plucked into oblivion by their team. «Another exciting souvenir», adds, "is the moment in which we returned the view toward a big slab of diorite in a wall of the monument.
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When the water is clarified, we realized that it was filled with magnificent hieroglyphic intact stele. Was that part which gave us the Egyptian name of the city, Thonis, solving an enigma that had lasted for two millennia. Heraklion and Thonis were the same villa. Thonis was its Egyptian name; Heraklion, the Greek". Since Goddio, become world face of the underwater archaeology, has not stopped to tread the immensity that houses the remains of the villa of double name with the nearby Canopus, cakes in 1997. Located two kilometers east of the current port of Abukir, last of Canopus is scattered over 150 meters. From the depths have emerged columns of red granite, blocks of limestone, jewelry and coins from the Byzantine period. Guarded by nearly two meters of sand, are the foundations of a wall 103 meters which would have surrounded a temple of great proportions. Both cities met a prosperity that ruined the founding of Alexandria by Alexander the great in 331 B.c. Until its recent revival, classical texts had stashed his evocation.

A diver holds a priest head carved in granite. HILTI FOUNDATION
The Greek historian Herodotus relates the existence of a large temple in Thonis-Heraklion, who first visited Hercules and later Helena next to Paris before the Trojan war erupted in the 5th century BC. Four hundred years later, also by his street quarters the geographer Strabo. Canopus, on the other hand, the poet Nicander located in the death of Canopus, the pilot of the boat of King Menelaus after suffering the bite of a Viper in the arenas of Thonis. His tragedy would end up bequeathing your name to the paramo. Excavations of the last decade, which are usually held before the ravages of summer, have gone to recomposing written fragments that had survived the shipwreck.
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"There is a sort of dialogue between the available ancient texts and our discoveries. Sometimes documents direct the direction of our surveys; "others, the results of our archaeological work explain texts and even provide new information about the rites that had not even been documented», detailed Goddio, founder and President of the European Institute of underwater archaeology and director of the Foundation for the Nautical Archaeology of East Asia. Their campaigns have been recovered from the bottom of the sea a real fortune. «Our database has more than 16,000 objects inventoried. It is true that some correspond to monuments or fabulous statues and many other ceramic fragments. However, often some of these small parts can provide very valuable information about the site».

Clash of Clans Hot Pepper Game Review

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Clash of clan: Double experience points for a year of clan wars
Anniversary event for an annual clash of clan clan wars
Hard to believe that it should be already a year ago, since clan wars broke out in the the world's most popular mobile game. A look in the news about clash of clan from bygone days confirmed the current message that gaming operator supercell has announced in the Forum. The clan wars birthday celebrations have been transferred to the game servers. Now earn double the amount of experience in clan wars of course for a week. Recently levelt you because together your whole clan upwards, to reap special benefits.

Then everything went after the first announcement at once quickly. Clash of clan clan wars were by far the most desired feature of the community. And the implementation was accomplished after a week. Because someone has secretly worked out probably and reveal nothing. The clan wars were the biggest update for the multiplayer strategy game. Unforgettable also the video with the supercell initiated the Group wedges:

The double-clan-EP-event runs until April 16. Are you today already during the war, then there are also the points. Congratulations and happy shopping.

The popular game of strategy for iOS and Android Clash of Kings has already reached the 65 million discharge after a year on the market. A milestone has been achieved with a proposal very similar to the Clash of Clans. In a medieval world, users gather their resources and begin to build his empire into a power. By the way, we will have to strengthen our defences and build an army powerful enough to deal with users all over the world, as well as part of alliances that can withstand the passage of time. To celebrate its success, the company behind the game has launched an exclusive update with gifts for all the players. We tell you all the details.

Clash of Kings is a title that tries to reissue the success of proposals as a Clash of Clans. This title focuses on a medieval world in which we must build our Empire from a small town. The dynamics are very similar to other games multiplayer online that have been successful in recent times. The collection of resources is carried out through various buildings and increasingly will grow more our city (at the same time we unlock new buildings and combat units). In addition, buildings may also be uploaded level to improve their performance or their specific functions. Over time we can combat against monsters that plague the region or the enemies who have their cities within reach. As it is usual, both in the collection of resources and improvements there to wait a certain time. In this way, creates a very addictive effect that will make us revise the city every so often and work on it constantly.

Clash of Kings
Clash of clans hack
In addition, the game shows us different missions that will be giving us rewards (which we can invest to improve still more buildings and features). To survive in this world, it is vital to join one of the alliances that are part of the game. In this way, you can coordinate a strategy and end up becoming the most powerful group of Clash of Kings. It's a game with a very graphic and with a good soundtrack that will help us to admit us to this fantastic world.

After a year on the market, Clash of Kings has already managed to overcome the barrier of the 65 million downloads. To celebrate, he has deployed a free upgrade with awards for all users. We have a free, although in mode freemium game. In other words, we can download and play for free, but to access various improvements or advantages we will have to pay a sum of money. The company has disclosed some statistics about this title. For example, more than 80% of all of their players are men, and more than two-thirds are moved between 18 and 34 years old. Additionally, this title is among the top-5 of applications with higher growth in more than 70 countries and the total playing time already exceeds the 20,000 years. Try to build your Empire?